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Remove the dam; stock the river with trout, salmon, & small mouths

To me, it feels like two separate issues. 1. What to do with the land currently occupied by the Barn and Annex? Use of the land as flood control (over the wall, which will remain??) ought to be part of that process. At least make it green space. I like the idea of an amphitheatre. It feels as though an underpass is overly ambitious, but who knows? 2. What to do with the dam? To me, this is a separate issue from the buyout properties. I say remove the dam and restore the river so it can maintain habitat. I bet ducks will still use the area. The dam area would actually be improved in appearance without all that concrete, and there would still be a waterfall. It will still be visited, perhaps more so.

thank you so much for all work you have put into the renewal of downtown Londonderry. The meeting was so well plan with many options to think about. I would like to learn more and help if needed. thank you again Marcia Camp

Unnecessary Spending. Just clean up
The properties leave the dame alone!
I live next to this dam and have my whole life!
It's what I see everyday from my home. please leave it alone.

But if money needs to be spent?
The town has other property that could use rest rooms
Like Pingree Park or even Memorial Park.
If you want some where to put an amphitheater then put that
At one of our already parks.
Just my thoughts!

I agree that let's work on the parks we have already.

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